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Lighting Design

Successful tennis court lighting begins with good design. The main factors to be considered in the design process are:

  • Quantity of light
  • Quality of light

Quantity of Light

The quantity of light is expressed as an average lux level and is usually determined by the level of tennis to be played. General guidelines recommend lower levels for recreational play, medium levels for club standard and high levels for international or professional grade.

Australian and New Zealand standards recommend the following average maintained lux levels for the various levels of play.

  • Recreational and Residential – 250 lux
  • Club Competition and Commercial – 350 lux
  • International and National – 1000 lux

Quality of Light

The quality of light is evaluated by the degree of light uniformity and lack of glare. Optimum uniformity is achieved by using light fittings that provide the correct light distribution and that are positioned appropriately around the perimeter of the court. Glare is kept to a minimum by utilising light fittings with precise cut-off distribution.

Our Design

For optimum design, a product has to offer more than reliability, performance and value. It must also become part of the environment, deliver minimal environmental impact and be energy efficient.

Our range of products can be tailored to meet your budget and application constraints.
With our qualified staff we are able to assist with your total lighting solution.

How can we help you?

To get the ball rolling ADLT offer a couple of ways to make your life a little easier.

The best way is to use our enquiry form where we ask you some questions so our customer service and sales staff can establish the most suitable product and design solution quickly and efficiently for you.

Alternatively you can call our customer service staff who collect some basic information and arrange one of our experienced sales staff to handle your request.

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